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About 100 Mile Craft

We are a small team with a serious passion for craft brews. Our background is in food and associated business. We were drawn to create 100 Mile Craft out of the sense that the craft beer movement provides an excellent opportunity to express many aspects of the local food movement that have been fermenting for years.


Apart from being the freshest and (probably) tastiest beer you can find, local brews also carry with them a sense of pride, heritage and community that those macro-pseudo-beers just don't embody. We believe that promoting this kind of value in food products, and particularly beer, is not only important for the industry, but for the relationship between society and our food and beverages at large.


Hailing from the state of New York, we have personally witnessed the decline of our dairy (and other agricultural) sectors and have identified a need for some significant industry to replace this. Not only in New York, but in most of the Northeast our creative and diligent farmers have risen to this challenge and many of them have shifted to craft brewing as a source of revenue. We believe that we have a responsibility to support these brewers in any way possible. If that so happens to imply drinking higher quality and fresher beer, so be it.

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